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!!No sales of these items Outside the US. Stun guns are Illegal in Canada and most Countries. 
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Wholesale PepperSpray, StunGuns, and Self Defense Products.
StunGuns as of July 2007!!!


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Your Safety, Your Security. We are there when you need us. You  need quality security and self defense products such as pepperspray, stunguns, tasers, personal alarms, car alarms, and diversion safes. If by some chance you don't find what you need just email us and make a request. *Note we cannot ship pepperspray or stunguns internationally! Other international orders require a $100 minimum order. Double check the laws in your state before you order pepperspray and stunguns.Adsense

We are now adding even more types/models of stunguns. We now have so many that we have to spread them over 3 pages. 1 2 3

Stun guns are an electrical self-defense device that uses high voltage to stop an attacker. Touching a person with the prongs on the stun guns quickly immobilizes the attacker. However, because the amperage is very low, no serious or permanent injury is inflicted.  We offer the popular Raptor units which is perhaps the most popular name brand in the world.  In addition, they also make one of the most powerful stun guns at 750,000 Volts. Please note that some states restrict the use of stun guns. We have no idea why someone would want to limit anyone's ability to defend themselves. We think stun guns are great but you need to check the laws in your state. Some stun guns are also disguised as a cell phone, pager or even incorporated in a police baton. Stun guns are great for attacks that are too close for effective use of pepper spray. Buy your Stun Guns here!
Here are a few of the Stun guns we carry

Check out our new 900,000 streetwise stungun. Possibly the most powerful stunguns in the world. In addition streetwise stunguns have important safety features that other stunguns don't.


    The neat thing about pepper spray is that not only does it have a range of about 10 to 12 feet but it is very inexpensive allowing you to buy 4 or 5 pepperspray to keep in handy locations or to hand out to your friends.    PepperSpray comes in many sizes, the smaller 1/2 oz sizes are great for carrying on your key chain or in your pocket when walking or jogging. These are often referred to as key chain pepperspray.   The larger sizes of pepperspray are great to have around the house in case the need ever arises to defend yourself in your home. Pepperspray gives you more range then stunguns Click Here to buy PepperSpray Products.
Here are a few of the peppersprays we carry. Click on the link for pictures.

Home Security

    Having a gun or pepper spray close by doesn't do you any good if you are sleeping or do not have adequate warning.  Our home security products are designed to warn you of any intrusions in time to call the police and use your personal protection devices.  Our alarms include motion detector alarms, window alarms, and even a barking electronic dog to scare away potential attackers.  Click here for Home Defense Products

Diversion Safes

There are tons of different types of diversion safes available but this is a small collection of what we consider the absolute finest. Well let me rephrase this. The first 4 are our favorite safes. However we decided to add all the diversion safes we could find just because we know that everybody is different and people like selection. Be patient with us though as we add these other diversion safes. There are allot of them and it will take some time but we hope you like them. Here are just 6 of our favorites.

Key Hiders

Key hiders are a new product for use as of December. I am sure we set records getting to a number one position in google for it. The website was brand new and literally the day after we entered the key hider, hide a key, products we got a sale. When we checked we found that we were number one for key hiders. Granted it is not a very competitive term but we were thrilled. We even got number 5 for the term key hider. Shove those into google and with a bit of luck we will still be there. Now if we could just do that with stun guns and home security maybe we could hire a few more people that desperately need jobs.

Spy Products

We put off adding these because we felt that "spy" related stuff detracted from the main message and theme that our website was about. However all cant be about life and death and how to protect yourself. You need to have fun now and then and some of these spy products are just plain fun to play with. I use the phone recorder to record conversations with other businesses that like to wrangle deals on the phone because it doesn't leave a paper trail then later they claim that they didn't make those claims. A recording of their claims in court is nearly an instant win. Want to win your court case just add a good recording of those scumbags and its a done deal. Our lights & lasers section has some other pretty cool things that are fun to play with.

Your discounts are computed automatically at 5% over $50 and 10% over $100

     A message to our customers:

All the consumer related data that we have seen says we should have pictures on this page. The problem is we feel the index page should, for the most part, be the hub of the website. As the hub of the website it should impart information and direct users to the areas they are looking for. While primarily providing personal security items like pepperspray and stunguns, we have recently added allot more inventory in the area of key hiders (otherwise known as hide a keys) and spy products. Spy products are mostly targeted towards children but there are a number of useful items that can help folks out. The telephone recording device can be very useful when you have salesmen (like AT&T cell phone reps.) that continually lie to you on the phone when you call asking for service. Or perhaps if you suspect your phone is bugged we have a couple of devices designed to detect those. The big surprise to use has been the popularity of the hide a key key hiders. we recently added a few more and the result was a number one listing in google for the term key hiders and a number 3 listing for key hider.    The way we got started with those was by customer request, so don't be afraid to email us and ask for an item you might not have found.

In April we started carrying even more specialized stunguns in the form of flashlight batons and the increasingly popular small fry stunguns.


Note to the public!! Tasers, stunguns, and pepper spray are to be used only in extreme situations where it would normally be justified to use a realgun. Indiscriminate use of these non-lethal devices will result in their being banned in states other then the handful on the east coast.


It is the buyers responsibility, not the seller, to ascertain and obey all applicable local, state, and federal laws regarding the possession and use of any item offered by Black Ridge Security Self Defense Products. If you are unsure, please contact your local or state authorities. Also, be sure and check the laws on Stun Guns for your State, County and Country legality. Don't even think about ordering PepperSpray or StunGuns if you don't live in the USA.